Zion Nights

Zion Nights Sarah Farr Out Fine Art

I got the opportunity to visit Zion National Park for Thanksgiving and get a little shooting done. This is my first ever star photo and I’m pretty proud of it. I was standing outside the Zion Canyon Museum where the lights were dim, which lit the trees in front of me. The moon was also out and very bright which lit the rock perfectly.


The sunset has an unyielding power to draw you in. To make you stop. To make you stare. To make you take a moment out of your hectic day and just be. It is the time of day we should all share and revere the God-given beauty that surrounds us. A spiritual meeting. The majesty of the sunrise and sunset is what has inspired me to stretch myself as an artist and catch the uncatchable.

Watching as the sky transform into shades of pink, orange, yellow, and red is stunning. The awed, meditative, peaceful feeling outside watching it all come together can never be fully portrayed in a photograph.These images bring together the intense beauty of nature and the creative control of software. Each is a timelapse wrapped up into one perfect moment.

Strawberry Sunset, Sarah Farr Out Fine Art
Strawberry Sunset
Salty Sunset, Sarah Farr Out Fine Art
Salty Sunset
Little Cottonwood Sunset, Sarah Farr Out Fine Art
Little Cottonwood Sunset
Lone Horn Sunrise, Sarah Farr Out Fine Art
Lone Horn Sunrise
Suncrest Sunset, Sarah Farr Out Fine Art
Suncrest Sunset