sarah farr serene stonework sculptor

When a sculpture is done Sarah Farr is left breathless by the stone’s intense beauty. Little needs to be done by the artist to reveal the magnificence trapped inside. Farr finds peace in the fact that such life exists within the medium itself. It’s almost as if the stone is the artist and the sculptor only helps shed its skin. The image within the stone leaves its own impression on the viewer that is unforgettable.

Farr is inspired by nature and its God-given beauty, which is unmistakable in her photography and sculpture. She grew up with parents that drove that appreciation, but had no artistic interests. Farr’s artistic drive is a part of the personality she was born with and can never depart from. She is always in the process of creating. She only wishes to have more time to compose everything she dreams.

Farr’s sculptures are both representational and non-representational. Her pieces depict her life-long love of natural organic forms, and her passion for photorealism. Each evoke strongly different meanings and emotions. Her representational forms are clear and straight-forward while her abstracted forms are ambiguous and have a different impact on everyone. Farr does not wish to impose an objective meaning on the viewer, but let the beauty and meaning remain in the eye of the beholder.

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