Artist Statement

Self Portrait | Farr Out Fine Art

When I endure extreme emotions my best ideas are formed. Depression, ecstasy, and tranquility bring out the best of my work. Intensity is the best way for me to make expressive art. In recreating these emotions, sculpture becomes an eternal bonding of communication in which the artist, figure, and viewer are linked together through the subconscious.

Nature and God-given beauty are my greatest inspirations. This is why stone and I fit together seamlessly. My only goal is to release its inner divinity and show it to the world. In a sense I am not the artist, but a shedder of the stone’s skin. The image within the stone leaves its own impression on the viewer that is unforgettable.

My work includes both representational and non-representational sculpture. Natural organic forms are prominent in my abstract pieces. Curved lines, smooth texture, and flowing motions are found in many of my pieces. Serenity and tranquility are my main focus as it seems they are in short supply and high demand these days.

There is something inherently spiritual about our natural world. The way sunflowers rotate with the sun. The way the leaves mutate in the Fall. Or the way a sunset transforms the sky in a short moment. Nature is extraordinary in its ability to keep you captivated and pensive.

The precious moments I spend with nature are never taken for granted. The hardest part of photographing landscapes is resolving how to get everything I want into one image. There is too much beauty for a simple device to capture. A photograph will never fully convey the mystifying experience of hiking the wilderness.

I hope my images do more than just impress. I hope they ignite a fire to get out, be with, and appreciate the God-given beauty we have all around us. You never know what your experience might be.


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