Mikey and Bynx

Mikey and Bynx Sarah Farr age 21
Mikey and Bynx – Sarah Farr – age 21

My nephew, Mikey and bunny, Bynx in an adorable Easter photo. 10×10 graphite on bristol board. The original is not for sale.

Time Lapse

Love Bugs

Love Bugs Sarah Farr
Love Bugs – Sarah Farr – age 21

The fourth and last in my series of 8×10 Ginger paintings. Done with acrylic paints. The original is SOLD. Giclee prints 8×10 stretched canvas with 3/4″ edges personally signed and numbered are $50 each. Only 10 available.

Why do we treat animals like animals?
How can people be so inhumane?
Cows and chickens work to feed us,
Dogs and horses show they need us,
And though cats don’t always heed us
Their affection is plain.

What do we do? We neglect them,
We do nothing to protect them,
We reject them, don’t expect them
To complain.
We ignore them or we beat them,
When we’re hungry then we eat them,
It’s appalling how we treat them,
It’s insane!
-Dr. Dolittle